Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Welcome, welcome!

So here we are, thirty six minutes past midnight and your local makeup artist *points at self* is currently makeup-less and growling at a computer. Ha! (Being that I've posted this blog I seem to have figured out the basics of this site. Proud!) Hey, its a start.
But lets move on from my moment of gloating; I'm sure you aren't here to read about me congratulating myself....
I'm creating this blog because i have a very true love of makeup and I truly believe that it's an art form. My purpose here is to share my knowledge and my professional expertise! Let me let you in on what you can expect from me:

- Blogs on new collections from my favorite makeup brands.
- Professional opinions on any products you have questions about. (Comparing shadow shades, mascara wands and longwearing lipsticks etc.)
- Makeup Tutorials for all levels of experience which can be made on request.
- An ongoing makeup diary, a different look every week!
- A compilation of MY favorite and recommended must-haves in your makeup arsenal.
- Interraction with you! Have any questions; I have answers! If I feel like i can't give you a great answer through chat, then you get your own video with love from me!

So, that's a tall order for a very ambitious little makeup artist so please bear with me while I get the hang of this garfangled website, and I'm so excited for the future!

All my love to you makeup fans out there!


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